What Makes A Good Lash Artist

What Makes A Good Lash Artist

The word "good" is subjective. Every lash artist is unique in the lash sets they perform and the styles they like doing. However, there are some general guidelines to know that you're a "good" lash artist.

  1. You meet all the state requirements to perform lash services
  2. You have good customer service
  3. You stay up to date on lashing trends
  4. You understand consultations and eye shapes
  5. You perform lashes properly

State Requirements

Every state has a different requirement to perform lash services. From what we see, you won't be able to advance your career to your fullest potential if you are not licensed and legally performing lash extensions. We see that many lash artists who illegally perform lash extensions cannot charge as much and deal with a lot of future issues.

lash artist consulting a client

Customer Service

Clients get beauty services done for the look and the experience. Having good customer service sets you apart from other beauty service providers. If they feel comfortable in your chair, they are more likely to come back for a second appointment. It might be funny, but it's really not just a meme when it comes to saying that your service providers are your part-time therapists.

Consultations and Eye Shapes

Every client has a unique eye. Make sure you understand the different eye shapes and how to style them properly. This will definitely make you a "good" lash artist.


wispy lashes

Lash Trends

Trends come and go, but the best lash artists stay and stay up to date on them. You might not perform or want to perform all these trends as you have your own niche in the industry, but we believe you should know them so you are able to educate your clients on them. 

comparison between proper and improper lash application

Proper Lash Technique

It's shocking how many foreign fills (fills coming from other independent lash artists or salons) come in with completely damaged lashes. At our lash salon, we have numerous instances where a client comes in complaining about heavy, painful lashes. As a professional lash artist, you should know the fundamentals of proper lash application and isolation


If you just follow these 5 easy guidelines, you will be better than most lash artists. If you found this to be useful, follow our newsletter!

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