Trendiest Lashes in 2024

Trendiest Lashes in 2024

As a lash artist it's important to look at the emerging trends in the lash industry. Which sets are the most popular? What types of sets seems to get the most traction on social media?

Read and see the top trends that we see in the lash industry for 2024. 

an eye with angel (wet) set lashes

Wet Sets

Get ready to take on even more wet set clients! This set has been exploding in popularity since 2023 and it just keeps on going. It makes perfect sense with how beautiful this makes our client's eyes. This lash set gives the illusion of wet lashes. It’s a set that combines drama with natural beauty.

client with hybrid lashes

Natural Sets

It might be time to start switching gears from heavier volume sets to natural, wispy hybrid sets. While there will always be clients that are looking for volume sets, more and more clients are looking at getting natural sets like classic and hybrid.  

client with wispy lashes

Spikey Sets

Clients are loving wispy, spikes. It's crazy that just a few years ago clients were only getting uniform lashes. As more time goes on, they just want more and more spikes. We love seeing these beautiful textured sets.

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