March 2024 Lash Trend Review

March 2024 Lash Trend Review

We've complied the insights from our salon Lash Dreams, Instagram, and other sources to determine what the most popular lash services were of March 2024. Here are the trendiest lashes of March 2024. 

1. Hybrid Lashes

People want something more than mascara, but not as dramatic as volume and mega volume lash extensions.

2. Textured Volume Lashes

Although people don't want the uniform, blocky lash extension look, people are still loving the dramatic lashes. We've moved from full uniform volume lashes to textured volume lash extensions.

3. Angel (Wet) Lashes

Although a lot of the initial popularity for "the wet" look has died down, many clients are sticking to the angel set and loving it.

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