Lash Health for Lash Artists

Lash Health for Lash Artists

Understanding lash hair is important as a lash artist. It allows you to make recommendations on lash products and educate your clients on lash extensions. Here is all the fundamentals of lash health.

lash cycle

Lash Cycle

Our lashes go through a cycle, just like the hairs on our head. They are broken down into 3 parts: anagen phase, catagen phase, and telogen phase.

Anagen Phase

This phase is where the hair is growing. The hair is rooted in the hair follicle and is nourished by blood supply. Since this is the longest phase, this is the phase where most of your lashes are in. 

Catagen Phase

This phase is where hair growth slows down and starts to detach from the bottom of the hair follicle and blood supply. This is a transition phase and is the shortest phase. 

Telogen Phase

This phase is when the hair is completely separated from the bottom of the hair follicle and blood supply and eventually shedding. This begins the cycle all over again with a new growing lash replacing the old adult lash.

As a lash artist, you might need to educate your clients on which phases their lashes are in and why certain styles might not be suitable based on the health of their lashes.

Seasonal Shedding

Lashes tend to shed more during the spring and fall seasons. Educate your clients on this beforehand to make sure they don't panic when they see all their extensions falling out.

Medications, Vitamins, Pregnancy

Certain medications, vitamins and even pregnancy can dramatically make a difference in the lash cycle. This is important to keep note of for your regular clients. If a client is experiencing more shedding than usual, it might be due to a new medication or vitamin that they started.

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