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Becoming a Lash Artist Worth It in 2024?

Lash services are a new and exciting beauty service. Compared to the stable hair and nail industry, it might look like a risky industry to get into. That begs the question, is it still worth becoming a lash artist in 2024? Let's go over the main things you should consider before you start your lashing journey.

The Good

We broke down the top reasons to become a lash artist into three different parts:

  1. The demand for lashes
  2. The financial incentive
  3. The flexibility it provides

Let's dive right into why the demand for lash services is going up.

The Demand for Lash Services

Celebrities and popular influencers are showing off their lash sets on social media. It's no question that the demand for lash extension services is growing. While we might be stepping away from the dramatic, heavy volume sets, the popularity for natural lash sets is growing. Not just that, people just don't want to spend the time getting ready in the morning. Semi-permanent lash services help with that by allowing clients to come in for maintenance every 2-3 weeks.

The Finances

Lash services are priced high compared to other services. Skilled lash artists can charge even higher for their work. The cost of supplies relative to the service price also make it easier to be profitable.

To demonstrate let's take a classic full set as an example:

Classic Full Set

Average Price $145
Supply Cost ~$5
Total Profit $140

The average price for a classic full set in Las Vegas is $145. To complete the service using our lash trays and glue, it should cost around $5 (sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on the client). You take home $140 per classic full set. 

The average classic full set time takes 2 hours, meaning you can make upwards of $70+ an hour doing a classic set. 

While it's important to know that it's possible for you to achieve these high levels of income, it requires dedication to improving not just your technical lash skills but also your business marketing skills.


We generally recommend new lash artists to work for a salon, when they first start lashing, but eventually, it is understood that many lash artists may choose to work as freelancers, setting their schedules and managing their own client lists. This flexibility is especially appealing for those looking for a work-life balance for their personal needs or people with aspirations of becoming a business owner.

The Bad...?

Effort in Education and Skills

It's a rough journey to become a lash artist. It takes a lot of education and practice to become a skilled lash artist. For many states, you will be required to get an esthetician or cosmetology license and many of these programs don't offer lash extensions as part of their main licensing curriculum. This means you may need to learn lashes on your own, through the salon you work at, or by paying for lash courses.

Many reputable courses are available, ranging from basic certification to advanced techniques. This education is an investment in your career, equipping you with the skills necessary to provide high-quality services and ensure client satisfaction. Additionally, staying updated on the latest trends and techniques is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

It'll be hard, but we do offer in-person or online reputable lash courses for aspiring lash artists that will teach you all the fundamentals of becoming a lash artist. If you're not ready to make a full commitment, we also have an ebook available that will teach you all the basics of lash artistry to see if you're still interested after that!

Market Saturation and Competition

While the demand for lash services remains high, it's important to understand that like all beauty services, there will be competition. While the beauty industry is known for its low barriers to entry resulting in specific saturated parts, we believe lash artistry has a higher barrier to entry (due to the additional education that is needed to start lashing). But like or any other industry, building a successful lashing career requires not only technical skill but also understanding marketing and customer service.


We hope this blog post has helped you make a decision on if you want to become a lash artist! The decision isn't an easy one and should be carefully reviewed before committing! It is educationally demanding, but it can be a lucrative career for you! Send us a message on social media or send us an email if you have any additional questions and we will gladly answer them for you!


It is a hard journey to become a successful lash artist, but it is still very much worth it in 2024.

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