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How To Stop Being A People-Pleaser In The Beauty Industry

Do you have a problem with being a people-pleaser? Saying yes to clients all the time will be the downfall of your business and mental health. Here's 3 ways to know if a client is taking advantage of you and how to fix that!

(All these responses are curated in the kindest way possible, so you can state your policies without fear of sounding "mean".)

Client Issue #1:

Your client is always asking to come on your scheduled time off.

When you say yes to clients that always ask to come on your day off, then you are actually enabling these clients to disrespect your time/schedule. You are a small business with policies, it's time to start treating yourself like one.

Your Response:

"I am unable to take you during that time since it is outside of my business hours! If you'd still like to book an appointment with me, my hours are (state your business hours). If those times don't work for you, I completely understand and I would recommend finding another artist/salon with more open availability! Thank you for understanding."

Client Issue #2:

Your client constantly no-shows or late cancels, but you continue to take them with no repercussions.

If you allow clients to continue to no-show or cancel late without consequences, you are indirectly letting them know that their time is more valuable than yours.

As an entrepreneur, time is synonymous with money. When a client no-shows, you lose the opportunity to schedule another client during that time slot, resulting in lost revenue.

Your Response:

"Hi! To ensure that my schedule runs smoothly and I am able to accommodate all clients, I have recently updated my policy. In order to book future appointments, a fully paid deposit will now be required due to multiple instances of no-shows and late cancellations. This will help me avoid any negative impacts on my schedule and revenue, as it allows me to schedule other clients during any previously reserved time slots. If these policies don't work with you, then I would recommend booking with another place that have more lenient policies! Thank you so much for understanding!"

Client Issue #3:

Your client complains about your prices and haggles you for something cheaper.

Have you ever noticed how people don't try to haggle for a discount at luxury brands like Louis Vuitton? The same should apply to you. When someone tries to negotiate your prices, it can indicate a lack of respect for your expertise and the value of your services. You deserve to be compensated fairly, so it's important to assert your worth and stand up for yourself.

Your Response:

"I appreciate your interest in my services! My pricing reflects my level of experience, the quality of products I use, and the exceptional level of service I strive to provide my clients. While I understand that my pricing may not be suitable for everyone, I am more than happy to recommend other salons/service providers that may better fit your budget. Thank you for your understanding and consideration!"

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