Exploring Different Lash Services for Clients

Exploring Different Lash Services for Clients

Whether you are a lash client or a lash artist, it is important to know the different lash services. Here is a rundown of all the basic services you want to provide (there are more than this list, but these are the most basic ones). We will also dive into which clients might suit these services the best. Let's start with classic sets.

classic lash set

Classic Sets

Classic sets are the most natural set that you can offer. Classic sets use a 1-to-1 technique where you place one extension on one natural lash. This means that the set will be as full as the natural lashes of the client. Since they will be as full as the client's natural lashes, they are perfect for new clients who aren't used to the weight of the extensions. They are also perfect for clients that looking to slightly enhance their natural beauty.

hybrid lash set

Hybrid Sets

Hybrid sets are one step up from classic sets. Typically, you would apply a 50-50 mixture of classic lash extensions and volume lash fans, but they don't need to be. They are the most versatile look for clients because depending on the client's preference, they can be almost as natural as classic sets, or almost as full as volume sets. They are perfect for new clients that are looking for something a little more bold than classic lashes, but not as dramatic as volume lashes.

Volume lash set

Volume Sets

Volume sets are dramatic, fluffy and full. Lash artists use solely volume fans, so you can make them as full as the natural lashes can handle. Volume sets are perfect for experienced lash clients or clients with sparse, thin lashes as this set will make it look much fuller.


Many lash artists provide more than the typical 3 services of classic, hybrid, and volume lashes. Although they might sound fancy they all use the same fundamental techniques used in the standard 3 services.

Some other sets include:

  • Mega volume sets
  • Angel (wet) sets

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