Best Lash Extension Trays for Shimmying Method

Best Lash Extension Trays for Shimmying Method

The type of lash extensions you use can make all the difference in your lashing. Having high quality lash trays can help: make your sets look better, make your lashing faster, and even prevents lashing related injuries. Our premium lash trays are best are perfect for lash artists who use the shimmying method!

Make your sets look even better

Hybrid lash set

The type of lash extensions you use creates subtle differences in how they look. Some lashes are matte black and others have a shinier look to them. When taking photographs for social media or general advertising, we find that having a matte finish looks much better because it does not cause a shiny reflection, so the clients can see how beautiful their lashes are.

Makes your turn times faster

lash artist training

Having high quality lashes can make you finish your lash sets much faster without skimping on the quality of them. When training lash artists, we noticed that many lash artists spend so much time creating fans instead of the fundamentals like isolation and application. Our high quality lash extensions fan like butter and makes it easy to create fans.

Preventing Lash Related Injuries

Many lash artists complain about developing carpal tunnel due to gripping their application and isolation tweezers too hard. Having bad quality lashes ensures your way to getting carpal tunnel. 

Solution: The Lash Collectives Premium Lash Tray

lash collectives signature lash collective

Our special lash extension trays are made for lash artists who use a method called shimmying. Used by the same lash artists at our Lash Dreams salons. They come in a matte finish and spread out easily, smooth like butter. They are so soft that you won't even feel them. Plus, you won't have to squeeze them too hard, which is good because it helps prevent a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome.

fan made with signature lash extensions

This perfect fan was made with our premium lash trays.

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