Benefits of Getting Professional Lash Training

Benefits of Getting Professional Lash Training

Professional training is expensive. This makes new beauty professionals on the fence about getting training. They always ask, "Is training really worth it?" Getting professional training from a reputable educator will always be beneficial for you. We will go over the benefits as well as possible cons of taking a training course.


Here are the top 3 pros:

Saves You Time

For most things in life, you're either paying with money or you're paying with your time. You won't get better unless you pay for great training or you can spend a lot of time learning yourself (You'll still have to practice with a trainer, but you'll learn much faster). With professional training, you're paying for the hands-on experience and mentorship of a reputable educator that has been in the industry for years. They've made all the mistakes, so you don't have to make them too. You'll learn better and faster which allows you to take more clients and retain more clients sooner.

One of my biggest regrets is not paying for a lash training course at the beginning of my career. It took me a lot longer than most to learn and get great at lashing.

Boosts your Confidence

If you're a perfectionist like I am, then you'll know the struggle of being scared of doing things wrong. With a reputable trainer, they'll hold your hands through the the scariest part of learning your skill, your first model. When you know you have a certified teacher that will correct any mistakes that you're making, it will boost your confidence when you work on clients in the future. 

Makes you more money faster

There's a bigger starting cost of training, but you'll enhance your skill set faster and your clients will recognize that. You will have more referrals and your clients will keep coming back to you.

Even if you gain just 1 extra returning clients a week because your skill sets have gotten better (probably way more), you've increased your weekly income by that service cost for as long as you're providing services.


Now we talked about all the amazing benefits to taking a course, we'll go over why it might not be the best investment for you:

Risky Upfront Investment

Professional lash training is expensive and hard, but you'll easily make your money back if you take a reputable course, from a reputable trainer. There is always a risk that the class that you paid for won't teach you what you need to be successful. Everyone is trying to create cheaper courses that barely teach you anything to make quick money. Make sure you do your research to find a course and teacher that will instruct exactly what you need to be successful as a lash artist before committing to anything.

Too Structured

Taking a class that is too structured might set you back. This is especially true if you're new to the industry. Your instructor may have their ways set and not know about new, better methods. For example, in the lashing industry, you might have learned how to make fans through the pinching method, but your lash instructor only teaches the shimmying technique. Every beauty professional is different so it's important to have an instructor that has a wide area of knowledge.

How to find a trainer for you

It's your decision if you want to take a training course, but we always recommend taking one if you starting your career. The benefits of having a reputable instructor far outweigh the costs. The time you will save is priceless. Here is a quick guide to find a great trainer:

1. Ensure that your instructor is certified, licensed and has actually worked in the industry. Anyone can claim they are certified and licensed in anything, but you can't fake hands-on experience you've gained from being in the industry.

2. They do hands-on model training and live demonstrations. When it comes to the beauty industry, nothing helps you learn better than watching an expert and having an expert watch over you performing your craft. If they aren't offering these, then you should be wary about signing up.

3. Look at their social media presence. Do their posts align with your values as a beauty professional? Do they always talk about doing things right by clients? If they do, they are more likely to do things right by you.

If you're looking to get into the lash industry, we offer training here at Lash Collectives that meets all the criteria: certified trainers with 10+ years of combined experience and hands-on training.

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