Mini-Series: How to Practice Classic Lashes

Mini-Series: How to Practice Classic Lashes

If you're looking for a step-by-step guide to getting better at applying classic lashes with little to nothing, here's your guide.

Here's all the materials you need to get started

  • a lash tile
  • classic lashes
  • make-up sponges
  • lash adhesive
  • glue holders
  • application tweezer
  • isolation tweezer
  • tape

The Steps

Creating the Sponge

1. Tape the glue holder to your lash tile

2. Stick a classic lash strip to your lash tile

3. Shake your adhesive and drop one drop of adhesive in

4. Grab a classic lash extension

5. Apply the classic lash on the sponge at a 45-90 degree angle

6. Repeat until you completely fill your sponge with classic lashes

PS: Make sure you only apply 1mm of the classic lash on the sponge, directing it straight up. Here's an example of incorrect and correct placement



Notice how the base of the incorrect lash is not attached to the sponge.


Practicing isolation and application

Now you will apply classic lash extension on top of the existing extensions you put on the sponge earlier.

1. Separate one classic lash and pick up another classic lash that's a little longer than the first one applied.

2. Swipe the adhesive on the isolated lash to spread the glue on the lash

3. Apply the longer classic lash on the isolated lash

4. Hold it in place for 2-3 seconds before moving on to the next lash to make sure the extension is properly cured.

5. Repeat until you attach an extension to all the classic extensions

You can repeat this process as many times as you like. It will help you build your muscle memory in isolating and applying even on clients.

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